In Our Own Backyard

In Our Own Backyard

Mission Outreach encourages Ascension members and small groups to be involved with serving in local community programs that assist those in need. We look at Mission Outreach to be: hands-on (volunteering); in-kind (donating); and financial  (monetary contributions). We publicize the needs of these community agencies for both in-kind and hands-on requests. We collect needed items in our Donation Center that are then delivered to the agencies that have requested specific items. Small groups are the heart of the volunteer experience at Ascension. Groups have volunteered for a one-time community based event, and groups have served on an ongoing basis. Volunteers have served at the:

Donations have been made to many of the local community services.

Outreach for Hope Bike Ride – Save the date! Saturday, Sept. 9. Read more…




Little Free Library

Little Free Library Ascension

As the weather warms up, more people are walking on the sidewalk in front of church or spending time at the park. They will be walking by Ascension’s Little Free Library. Please remember our library as you do your spring cleaning. The books have been so well received in the neighborhood. One man told a neighbor that he often stopped to take a book and then returned it for others to read.  He is also bringing books from his house to contribute. For some of the children, this may be the only library they go to. Place donations in the bin at the West Hall Donation Center. Contact Kathy Williams if you have questions,


Literacy Tutoring at Ascension

Webster defines a tutor as one who provides individual instruction. At Ascension, it is that and so much more. Our tutors have developed warm relationships with individuals who have come to the U.S. and then to Waukesha for freedom of worship and for a better life for themselves and their children.

Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. until noon, one can find up to 29 students and 31 tutors engaged in learning English in the educational wing at Ascension. Subject matter includes learning to count, making change, introducing oneself, or preparing to take the citizenship exam. Topics are selected on a monthly basis. In August, the topic is: School/Learning/Library. September will include: Measures/Directions/Geography. Support for instruction comes through our partnership with Greater Waukesha Literacy (GWL). Tutors are provided an orientation session, introductory materials, and access to resources and expertise of the program coordinators at GWL. At Ascension, we have a good variety of tools to support instruction.

One may tutor an individual student or group of up to four students who have the same level of English ability. Tutors at Ascension are matched with another tutor so that if you need to miss one or more Saturdays, your partner can work with your student or students. Students range from age 5 to 80 and may have little knowledge of English or American customs. Some students are very proficient in English and may be studying to pass the Citizenship Test.

Questions? Please contact me at You may also want to talk to Jo Buth, Shirley Wehmeier, Doug Papka, or me after worship.


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