Mission Outreach

Mission Outreach

We are made for a mission.

Mission and ministry flow naturally out of a life of worship, growth and fellowship. As we love God with all our heart and mind and life, we are immediately led to care for others. Just as a healthy apple tree naturally bears luscious apples which are attractive and taste so good, healthy believers, rooted in Christ’s love, produce good fruit for others to taste and enjoy. We add flavor in a tasteless world. We give nurture to those malnourished in body, mind and spirit. Why? So that they may taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8 (NRSV) In Christ, we learn to live for others. It is our reason for being, how we find true fulfillment and significance.

For more information about Mission Outreach, please contact the Mission Outreach Wing Leader, Shirley Wehmeier.


Ascension practices accompaniment with Cross Lutheran Church, Milwaukee; Next Steps El Salvador; and the Mt. Meru Coffee Project, Mt. Meru Diocese of Tanzania.

Accompaniment focuses us on our relationship with our mission partners so that we can engage one another in a true relationship of equality, rather than one being better than the other. In traditional mission work, one group was the stronger who would go to the weaker to do something for them. In contrast, with the accompaniment model, the two groups work alongside each other. For instance, when Ascension goes to serve a meal at Cross, our members work with members of Cross. Because we donate to the Cross Food Pantry, the Cross mission to the neighborhood can serve more people. During a mission trip this summer in El Salvador, Ascension members will work along with members of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church. The Mt. Meru Coffee Project is a partnership in that the coffee growers in the Meru Diocese grow the coffee and through churches like Ascension, the coffee is sold at a fair wage price so that the coffee farmers are able to provide for their families.

When we do mission based on accompaniment, we see the Church of Jesus through the eyes of our brothers and sisters in the faith. We are no longer the strong helping the weak. We recognize that we each have gifts to offer one another. The gifts we share may be spiritual gifts, financial gifts, or gifts of prayer. Each gives as God has blessed them, and each receives in Christian love.  As we work toward the goal of true accompaniment with our mission partners, we will continue to learn more about each other, share in ministry, and lift one another up in prayer. Stretch your faith and learn more about our partnerships with Cross Milwaukee, the Lutheran Church of El Salvador, and the Meru Diocese of Tanzania.

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