Caring Relationships

Caring Relationships

The butterfly does not fly unless all wings work together. How we care for one another lifts our wing, Caring Relationships, into position to work side by side with Mission Outreach, Joyful Worship, and Spiritual Growth.

God is a relational God. The Trinity speaks to how relationships are interdependent, and how together as one, we can do so much more. The Bible begins with God recognizing our human nature to have other people in our lives, our need to love one another and care for people. Christ called an inner group of disciples to work with, to share ministry with and to reach out, not only each other, but to the disenfranchised, the lonely, the scared, and the hungry.

Our Small Group Ministry is critical in creating and developing relationships. Our Care Ministries take “caring” to a new level.

The beauty of Caring Relationships is the potential for ANYONE to find a way to care for someone else….ANYTIME!!! Like the butterfly, we are constantly changing and we are “permission granted”, that is, if you see a way to care for someone else, we will help you accomplish it.

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