Why the Butterfly? Explore

Four Wings of a Butterfly

ALC-LogoAscension’s logo is a butterfly. Look at it closely. You’ll see how it represents well our life together in mission for Christ. Like a butterfly ascending from its cocoon, we too rise up freely in a new way of life. The empty cross at the center stands for Christ, the source of our life. The four wings of the butterfly symbolize the key purposes of this new life we share: worship, growth, relationships and mission. Ascension organizes all its ministries into these four wings. Each wing is vital for our ability to fly well, both as individual believers and as a congregation.

Our Motto: It takes four wings to fly.

Each wing of a butterfly is designed for a purpose. The front two are the power wings, the back two guide. For Ascension, the front wings – joyful worship and spiritual growth – power our life together. The back wings – caring relationships and mission outreach – guide our expressions of life in Christ as we care for each other and reach into the world with love. We encourage everyone to join us in learning to shed our ego-driven caterpillar selves and emerge like butterflies to fly as God-centered selves, ascending in lives of worship, growth, community and service.

Joyful Worship

Spiritual Growth

Caring Relationships

Mission Outreach

Volunteer Resource Map

Are you blessed? Blessed with people in your life, and time on your hands? Or, do you need something more that will fill up your time and your heart?

Volunteer here at Ascension! Share the Word. Share your talents. Share yourself. Get started by looking through the Volunteer Resource Map by clicking the button below. Find out where we need you the most in the “Volunteer” section. Find out where you can become involved with our church in the “Participate & Be Encouraged” section.

You know your talents. Are you ready to your talents into actions?

Volunteer Resource Map
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