The Daniel Plan

daniel planThe Daniel Plan is a 40 day study written by Rick Warren and his team of experts. It is a groundbreaking healthy lifestyle program founded on biblical principles and focused on The Five Essentials: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends. The members of the group found great benefits from all they had learned from the study. Collectively, we feel compelled to encourage others to embark on this study. Each month, we will share a “taste” of The Daniel Plan in the newsletter along with a simple recipe so you can see how easy and desirable it can be to move toward a healthier lifestyle.

We have heard people sometimes confuse The Daniel Plan as “just another diet.” Actually, the program offers an innovative approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle where people get better together by embracing “The Five Essentials.” Each essential supports and influences the others, offering a practical step-by-step approach for anyone to follow.

The essentials of Faith and Friends are thought of as the “secret sauce” that makes The Daniel Plan so effective. The program benefits are accelerated when done in a supportive community of friends because God designed us to thrive in relationships. It has been learned that the process of getting healthy and staying healthy relies on the support and encouragement of friends. With the support of God and a group, people have far more than willpower. The added support and encouragement helps you to make positive changes so you can be consistent and sustain your new healthy lifestyle.

The primary message of The Daniel Plan is about abundance, not deprivation, and this is why the plan is both transformational and sustainable. The Daniel Plan teaches a step-by-step approach and offers simple ways to incorporate healthy choices into your current lifestyle. Throughout the program you are encouraged to rely on God’s power, and the application of dependable biblical principles.

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