Changing Hearts. Changing Lives. One Girlfriend at a Time.

Girlfriends, an Ascension “small” group, is an extension of Ascension’s warm and welcoming environment, equipping, empowering and reaching women in our church and community. We like to sprinkle Jesus’ love in all dimensions of ministry through grace, unconditional love, prayer, purpose, and laughter. Girlfriends’ activities are open to all women of Ascension and their BFFs.

Here are some key elements of Girlfriends:

Befriend. We help women build connections with welcoming get-togethers. We provide simple ways to connect and begin new friendships.

Belong. We work to build community in our church with events and activities. We all long for a place where people know our name. We invite women to a place where friendships deepen as we enjoy a true sense of belonging.

Believe. Leading women to discover a growing friendship with Jesus is exciting. Women get to know Jesus as we worship, study, experience, and explore our faith together

Become. Helping women become the women God created them to be through loving support, friendship and ministry.

Girlfriends activities are organized by a cooperative Board of Directors including Cheri Ehrlich, our fearless leader; Kathy Bue, bookkeeper; Amy Gilgenbach, communications; Becky Murray, record-keeper and event MC; and Robin Gallo and Kris Wiese, organizers extraordinaire.

Upcoming Events