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Small Groups = Building Blocks

I love small group ministry! When I was younger, a classmate invited me to her youth group. I soon found myself attending an amazing, vibrant youth ministry of nearly 300 youth and young adults. This youth group was part of an even larger congregation. Given this type of church setting, it was challenging to get to know people on a deeper level. That was when I discovered the power of small group ministry. I regularly attended a small group and through that experience, I grew spiritually and developed close friendships. In fact, I’ve made lifelong friends through my high school small group from Omaha back in 1986. Attending a larger church has many wonderful ministry opportunities; however, it may be difficult to get to know people and create lasting friendships. Fortunately, small group ministry can serve as an important building block in fostering meaningful church relationships.

Ascension embraces over 1,000 members and we are an energetic, active congregation. When I arrived, I was almost overwhelmed by the many and varied ministry opportunities. Even as an extrovert, I was apprehensive about meeting so many new people. Fortunately, small group ministry offers us the wonderful possibility for growing closer to one another in our church family.

Our small group ministry offers our congregation a perfect opportunity to continue to grow closer to God and closer to one another. During Fall and Lent, we encourage all small groups to participate in the churchwide Bible study. This leaves ample space for creativity. What about a small group for retired teachers or parents of blended families or empty-nesters or parents of teenagers? The possibilities abound. What about a small group for military families or young adults or parents of children with special needs or for people who love to cook?

Perhaps the Holy Spirit is calling you to be part of the small group ministry team? Perhaps the Holy Spirit is inviting you to become a new small group leader? Exciting things are happening in our Small Group Ministry.

If you’re interested in leading a new group, please contact Arlene Kelsey, or 262-939-0740; Carolyn Inglefield, or 262-751-6778; or Bonnie Siegel,

Please contact Pr. Angela,, if you would like to participate in a small group leader training session!

Please know that we are thrilled to welcome you to our Fall Bible study, Love Does. Remember, we are part of the priesthood of all believers. And this is good news!

Rev. Angela Khabeb

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